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Dr Nadine Greiner, Organization Development

Vibrant Culture

Did you know that culture can be measured, shaped, and monitored?  When you live the culture, breathe the culture, and work in the culture every day it can be hard to see the culture for what it is.  Engage DrNadine to undertake an evaluation and guide the transformation.  This helps leaders understand their culture in a new light, and helps everybody learn how to own and shape the culture to meet their personal goals as well as the organization’s goals. 

You will want your culture to enable your business needs and goals.  For example, shake up the culture to provide exceptional customer experiences.  Or merge organizational cultures to form a cohesive whole before and after a merger or acquisition, or mold the culture to one in which compliance or risk management is part of your DNA, or build organizational culture across international boundaries.  

Exemplary Board of Directors 

The role of boards is becoming increasingly visible.  Investors, regulators, and the general public are increasingly aware of how effectively boards, individual directors, and CEOs are performing. Therefore, boards engage Dr. Greiner to review their governance structures and processes, as well as to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the board and of individual directors. Is your board stellar?  Dr. Greiner is also invited to speak at board retreats.

High Yield Special Projects

Executives frequently rely on special projects to help with important or discreet initiatives.  Or sometimes to test out an idea by creating a pilot.


In many organizations, a new assignment or method might pose difficulties for the existing staff, due to workload or being uninitiated.  As they say, if you want the unvarnished truth, do not ask someone who is dependent on you for his or her job.

Accelerated Change Management

The market changes constantly, so businesses need to change. Companies are pushed to make rapid and elegant changes in jobs, yet keep their employees engaged, satisfied, and productive. These changes in processes, systems, and technology require that jobs be structured and performed differently. To enable and sustain lasting change, rigorous attention to a formal change management effort is integral to any significant project a company undertakes.


To ensure that you stay ahead of the market, DrNadine can help equip your company to drive and sustain change through these key services:

-Organizational Readiness and Risk

-Stakeholder Management and Strategic Communication

-Workforce Preparedness and Transition


Stress is not a badge of honor.  Stress can kill you.


Combat stress in your workplace.  When you engage me, you get a free copy of my book 'Stress less Leadership'. Here are three easy and stress-free ways to engage me to work with you and your team:


1.  Guest Speaker 

Invite Dr. Nadine to speak at your event.  Enjoy 30-60 minutes of entertainment, laughter, insight, and concrete and actionable tools people can use immediately to combat stress.  Turn it into a program, with an optional workshop before the speech, and/or a private dinner with Dr. Nadine for the VIPs.


2.  Stress-less Workshop

The Stress-less workshop is a fun, interactive, memorable, and special treat for your team. Highlights include:

  • A unique stress test

  • The 4 types of stress, and how to tackle each one

  • Internal and external stressors, and how to change your mind and feelings

  • Tips and tricks on how to enjoy work and life

  • How to prevent your team from becoming infected with the stress virus

  • An action plan for a healthy and happy life, at work and at home 

Options include a half a day, one day, or two days.


3.  Stress-busters Program

This 3-month program takes place in a team environment of directors and above, in a closed and confidential group.  The program includes:

  • Work through key issues about stress, leadership, and preventing stress on an individual and organizational level

  • Get to the bottom of the multiple stressors, deploy systems to identify and tackle stress, and kick stress to the curb 

  • Gain a support system of peers and Dr. Nadine who will be there for you in your leadership journey 


Leaders of the world, you are responsible for lots of moving parts.  You are responsible for people, and you are accountable to entities who sometimes have different agendas from each other.  There is never enough time or resources, and a constant need to deliver. Sometimes, stress piles up.


Employee stress can result in injuries, absences, unhappiness, and low performance at work.  This is costly, disruptive, and preventable.


DrNadine's mission is to help you remove stress in a smart, efficient, and scientific way, allowing you to be healthier and happier so you perform better. 

Take advantage of these unique offerings to elevate performance, change the reaction to stress, and prevent it from taking hold.

Download DrNadine's Stress Assessment and get immediate results on your stress levels.

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