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Nadine Greiner San Fransisco, Client List
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Apple is a client of Dr Nadine Greiner

“At Apple, we have always appreciated her thoroughness and ability to take on a tough group and turn them around. Also good at keeping the rest of us in the loop with progress updates.”

“Here are five reasons I have relied on DrNadine for years:  1) insight into motivations 2) very open and engaging demeanor 3) ability to keep a meeting running forward 4) ability to summarize points 5) ability to distribute accountability.”

Chris Yu

Senior Project Manager



Janis Burger

First Five

Epic Care CEO and Pesident speaks about Dr Nadin Greiner

Bimal Patel, MD

CEO and President,

Epic Care

"DrNadine was a great help to us with significant governance and business initiatives, she was critically vital."  

Sutter Health, client of Dr Nadine Greiner

Maynard Jenkins 

Vice President,

Sutter Heath

"Great insight, efficiency, brilliant in her way of balancing productivity with opportunities for deep discussion of necessary topics. Great at encouraging group participation.”

Sharon Diaz, talks about DrNadine

Sharon Diaz

Board President, LHS

CEO, Samuel Merritt University

Nadine's extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with, straight to the point, and has good time management.  What more could a Board of Directors want? 

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