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Human Resources Assessment

When was your last Human Resources assessment?

Regular assessment of your human resources department ensures that your workforce experience enables your company goals.  

  1. Provide high-quality, efficient services and benefits to employees and applicants.  

  2. Be in compliance with federal and state labor and employment laws.

  3. Get optimal quality and cost-effectiveness of processes in the hands of vendors and providers.

We assess your entire HR department, including systems, communication, workflows, and skills. For these areas: Recruitment, compensation, benefits, compliance, employee relations, performance, training and development, workplace safety.

Workforce planning, talent review, and succession

Does your business depend on your people?  If so, make sure you have a robust talent strategy.


  • Have you aligned your people with your business strategy?

  • Do you have a methodology to assess, place, and maximize talent?

  • Have you identified, retained, and prepared your high potential talent to meet your business goals?

  • Are you prepared for immediate and long-term succession?

  • Do you have a development planning process that really grows your people?

  • Is your recruitment and interview process based on job requirements in addition to skill and competencies?


An on-target, effective talent strategy accomplishes two key outcomes:

  1. It builds your company’s infrastructure. It places the right people in the right roles at the right time, and that your workforce is prepared and enabled to meet your business goals

  2. It also builds your company’s performance. It aligns your talent’s performance to the strategy of your organization

Human Resources Development, Dr Nadine Greiner PhD

Workshops and Speaking

Nadine builds individual and organization greatness.  Each workshop and speaking engagement yields high and immediate results, and is aligned with your organization's objectives.  These experiences range in duration between 20 minutes to several day-long workshops, depending on your needs.  Clients also propose different topics, and some of them include:


  • Stress-less leadership: How to lead in business and in life

  • Executive Coaching for managers

  • Build customer relationships, the personal touch

  • Cultivate donors, now and forever

  • Culture eats strategy for lunch!

  • How to work together in a group, tips, tricks, and hacks

  • Talent scouting and interviews

  • Just culture and patient safety

  • Lead change in the rapids

  • Listen, listen, listen!

  • Meeting management bootcamp

  • Memorable mentor

  • Performance wins all

  • Resilience and stoicism

  • Resolve conflict; build innovation

  • Rock star presentation skills

  • The medium is the message:  How to influence

  • The sky's the limit: Robust talent

  • The spice of life: Diversity and inclusion 

To further increase participant personal insights and learning, most workshops can be paired with a personality or business profile such as the MBTI, TKI, FIROB, Strong Inventory, amongst others



Effective interim leadership

Are you seeking to address immediate challenges, or looking to stabilize the team after a departure?  


DrNadine can serve as an executive temporarily, adding expertise and critical leadership for specific projects.


By nature, an interim leadership role is temporary. That means a part of DrNadine’s job is setting up for the next person to take charge, while assessing the organization, helping the board or CEO to understand what is needed in its next leader, and apply appropriate fixes to organizational issues that are standing in the way of its functionality and viability.  


The difference between DrNadine and consulting firms is that as an interim, I act on behalf of your company, like any other of your leaders…not on behalf of a consulting firm. 

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