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Nadine Greiner, Executive Coach San Francisco

The Leading Edge

Would you like to accelerate your career?  Or galvanize your strategy?  Perhaps you recently started a new endeavor or took on a new team.  Are you looking for some robust feedback, and how to achieve the next level of effectiveness?  Or perhaps your direct report could use some help?

As challenges facing leaders and organizations have become more complex, executive coaching is rapidly gaining popularity. Dr. Nadine is a leader and influencer in the field of executive coaching who is well-known for getting results that dramatically improve business effectiveness, both for the individual and the organization. 


Tough Cases

Dr. Nadine has also been recognized for her outstanding work with leaders who excel in some areas but struggle in others. 

Quantify the ROI of Executive Coaching

It isn't always easy to make the business case for executive coaching. This article will help you to better quantify what a coach will do for you.

Determine which Executive Coach is Right for You

The process of selecting the "right" executive coach for you can seem challenging and confusing. Coaches run the full spectrum in terms of their qualifications, experience, skills, and areas of expertise. This easy to use guide will help you be diligent in your selection process.


Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is all about you - how to make you optimally successful in the shortest time with 100% confidentiality and discretion.

Nadine Greiner's executive and business coaching in San Francisco is an on target, tailored, expedited, and effective way of boosting leaders. 


Clients often say that she adds immediate value to them because she has held the most senior positions herself. Dr. Nadine’s top coach approach has helped thousands of leaders like you, and is such an expert in the coaching field that she serves as a coach to coaches.


The Process of Coaching.  Executive coaching is a formal engagement in which Dr. Greiner works with clients in a series of confidential and dynamic meetings designed to establish and achieve clear goals. As an expert in human performance, Dr. Nadine’s professional executive coaching assignments have 4 distinct steps that are also explained in her seminal book ,  The Art of Executive Coaching.

Unlike coaching companies, Dr. Nadine handles all clients herself  so there is 100% confidentiality, discretion, and no shared records.

We quickly build your executive competencies so you achieve your goals faster.


  1. The first step is a confidential Assessment.  The goal is to uncover blind spots, and to get a 360 degree x-ray view into the client.  I will conduct 360 interviews with the client's colleagues about the client's strengths and areas of potential development.  And we conduct highly insightful and confidential psychological and business profiles, only available by licensed access and Ph.D.s.. 

  2. The second step is defining realistic but stretch Goals.  Based on the results of our assessment, we will build goals together.  These goals might include developing certain competencies such as building strategy, operationalizing strategy, executive presence, confidence, critical thinking, problem-solving, project oversight, setting priorities, managing through systems, developing teams, or interpersonal ease.  In organizations, sometimes a client will then forward the goals to a superior (everything else is confidential between coach and client).

  3. The third step is Implementation.  During our coaching sessions, we will have discussions in which I will use coaching interventions to help the client meet the client's coaching goals.  These can include encouragement, reflective listening, questioning, exploration, providing information, guidance, advice, reframing, compassion, challenging thinking, revising written communications, and support.  There will be homework, of course.  Tools for goal attainment might include experimenting, reading, learning new skills, coursework, practicing new skills, rehearsing or role-playing with me, camera work, and shadowing. 

  4. The fourth step is Review.  We will compile any post-coaching results and feedback to make sure that all the client's coaching goals were achieved and/or exceeded.  I will also provide final recommendations before we celebrate our accomplishments and finish our engagement.


Dr. Nadine typically works with clients for 4-12 months.  The fee is 20k for

6-12 months, or 5k per month and you can stop any time.

Interested in accelerating your own coaching practice?  

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