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DrNadine, Executive Coach San Francisco

The Art of
Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Secrets

That Deliver Powerful Results 


With this insightful, poignant, and light-hearted book, you will understand why executive coaching works so well.  Learn how executive coaching techniques enable leaders, in sales, technology, healthcare, and more, to achieve dramatic results in a relatively short time.  


Follow nine complex and intriguing individuals as they illuminate their blind spots, boost their personal leadership styles, and adopt new ways of leading to benefit themselves, their teams, and their organizations.  


But it's not all smooth sailing…Dr. Greiner also shares bumps along the way. 

100% of proceeds go to animal welfare

What reviewers are saying

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A Must Read for Emerging Coaches - Joy Oliver


As an HR practitioner, I coach leaders on various HR matters as part of the role. I have been considering becoming an executive coach in a more formal way. This book provided great insights on the coaching approach I could use. I learned the methodology and process the author uses, and I got a good sense of what becoming an executive coach would be like. I liked that the characters were so real and vivid...we have all worked with leaders like them! There were some passages that were touching, they exposed the human and interpersonal element of coaching. I highly recommend this book for those interested in learning more about the art of success as an executive coach. It is a quick and easy read.

Unlocking Leadership Potential - Marian Howley


I thought this was a great book as it combined the art and science of executive coaching.
The author demonstrates her expertise as a psychologist and business leader when working with clients. The examples of the cases were very valuable as to how to unlock an individuals peak performance

Very Informative & Helpful - Kevin N.


I have often wondered what it would be like to be an executive coach. This book shows that it is not as easy as it sounds, but the author also does take the reader through the steps of coaching and her clear methodology comes through. I did find this book to be a great primer for somebody like me, a manager who could one day be an executive coach. And it raises the whole issue of what it takes to be a great executive...the leaders in this book have tough jobs. I particularly enjoyed the chapter about the leader who is an introvert, and it made me think about somebody on my team and the chapter offered good insights.

Straight to the point and easy to understand - Charles cao


Although I am not an executive coach, I coach my team and colleagues at work. I found this book to be interesting because it explains the structure and benefits of executive coaching, and the characters are like many I encounter at work. I don't know if I will ever be an executive coach per se, but this book helped me think through what that would entail. Plus I like the unusual way this business book was written. It's informal and a quick read, but it also made me think about peoples' personalities at work and different corporate cultures.

What experts are saying

Alan Weiss comments on Dr Nadine Greiner book

"Finally, a coach for the coaches!"




Alan Weiss, Ph.D.

Author of Million Dollar Consulting

Mike Krieger reviews The Art of Executive Coacjhing by Dr Nadine Greiner

"You will enjoy the book, and you will find yourself changed."

Mike Krieger

Co-Founder of Instagram

Sharon Diaz comments on Dr. Nadine latest book

"I am thrilled Dr. Nadine has put her secrets to the page and that other coaches can learn from her."

Sharon Diaz

CEO, Samuel Merritt University

'What a great primer for anyone looking to excel at executive coaching. Dr. Greiner demonstrates successful approaches with real clients; I felt like I was sitting on her shoulder to learn. Sharing her insights, tips, and application of skills is a true gift to our profession.' Dr. Marcia Reynolds, Master Certified Coach, Past President of the International Coach Federation

'A must-read for any coach or aspiring coach.'   — Bill Bergquist, CEO The Professional School of Psychology

'This book will empower you.  Almost like Dr. Greiner does in person…you don’t even realize she is coaching you until suddenly you are doing things in a better way!’ — Dr. Megan Gross, Vice Chair Sutter Health


‘You are in for a treat!  Dr. Nadine Greiner is an expert in her field, and she assisted us tremendously.  Enjoy and learn.’ — Kirsten Haithcox, Senior Director of Human Resources, Apple


‘Coaching is a profession that suddenly finds itself in vogue.  Don’t be fooled.  Instead, learn from an expert who has been at the top of her game for 30 years, and who helped found the profession.’ — John Knapp, Principle Boston Consulting Group


‘Having worked with Nadine Greiner for years, I am happy to see that she is contributing her vast knowledge to the field of coaching in a more formal fashion with her book Secrets of an Executive Coach.  I believe this book will change the lives of many.’ — Brenda Lynch, Director of Human Resources, Dignity Health


‘Dr. Greiner has found a way to share her secret sauce.  She presents rich stories weaved in with effective coaching techniques.  I have had the honor to work with Dr. Nadine, and her coaching methods are sound and effective.’ — Julie Kliger, LinkedIn “Top Voice”, Senior Director Alvarez and Marsal

The Art of Executive Coaching Book, Nadine Greiner Phd
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