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Dr. Nadine Greiner, Author and Human Resources Expert



StressLess Leadership Book by Dr. Nadine Greiner

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Take Control of Your Life and Unlock Your Potential 


Say "goodbye" to stress-induced headaches, wasted time, wasted energy, and unhappiness. Stress is not a necessary evil. It is not a badge of honor. It is not a way of life. In fact, it's probably leading you to your death, and making people around you miserable. Take control of the pressures at work and at home with actionable strategies and real-world solutions and unlock your potential with Stress-Less Leadership.

Combining firsthand experience, countless case studies, and deep-dive research, executive coach, and CEO, Nadine Greiner, Ph.D. will give you the tools you need to conquer the stress that's holding you back. You'll learn how to:

  • Melt away your worry by finding the root cause 

  • Escape your vicious cycle with soothing habits and self-care routines 

  • Get out of your own way and kick stress out the door 

  • Be an effective and appreciated leader

  • Build strong and effective teams at work

  • Accelerate your career

  • Maintain the stress level that best fits your lifestyle 

  • Build happier, healthier relationships in your business and personal life

Watch the short video to learn more about the book.

"I am delighted for you, as the reader, to now have access to Dr. Greiner’s seminal work on stress."

What experts are saying

Marshall Goldsmith

"In this book, Dr. Greiner has gifted us with practical and actionable solutions to combat stress. My own mission is simple. I want to help successful people achieve positive, lasting change and behavior; for themselves, their people, and their teams. This book does just that, which is why

I am delighted for you, as the reader, to now have access to Dr. Greiner’s seminal work on stress."

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

#1 Leadership Thinker, and NYT Bestselling Author


Dr. Paul DeChant

"Dr. Nadine has written a valuable guide for all leaders, covering the broad array of challenges leaders must face, and providing thoughtful guidance on each issue. Whether you are a seasoned leader, or just beginning your journey, you will find excellent advice for leading in our changing world."

Dr. Paul DeChant, M.D.

Deputy  Chief Health Officer at IBM/Watson Health / Simpler Healthcare

Tasha Eurich, PhD

"It is important to differentiate between acute and chronic stress, and I see both in my clients on a 

regular basis. I enjoyed the quizzes that Nadine offers us to distinguish the two and to help the reader through each one. This is a light, informative, and easy to read book full of great advice."

Tasha Eurich, Ph.D.

New York Times Best-Selling Author, Organizational Psychologist, Executive Coach

Alan Weiss comments on Dr Nadine Greiner book

"Stress-less Leadership provides rare insights into the causes of stress, enabling the leader to remove the problems instead of merely coping with the effects. Nadine Greiner discusses both the scientific and social issues of stress in such a brilliant manner that you can feel your stress eased as you turn each page."


Alan Weiss, Ph.D.

Author of Million Dollar Consulting, and over 60 other works in 15 languages

What reviewers are saying

Stress-less Leadership 

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"Let’s just say that we entrepreneurs aren’t always the most relaxed people.  It’s tough to run a business.  But Dr. Nadine Greiner breaks it all down for us in this seminal book.  I recommend it to my clients and to everybody." 

- Doug Bend, Legal Counsel, Entrepreneur


"As Nadine points out in this fascinating book, stress is multigenerational as well as situationally contagious.  Having worked with Nadine, I was pleased to see that she has committed her work to paper and that her readers can benefit from her research and experience.  In my work, I am continuously building resilience in my leadership team, as well as with our children and families." 

- David Newell, President and CEO at PromiseShip


"This book does an artful job of conveying the tools and processes that keep CEOs like me awake at night.  More and more, our jobs are about tomorrow.  Tomorrow’s workforce, tomorrow’s state of health care, and tomorrow’s organizational relationships.  But the planning starts today.  Nadine Greiner’s book gives step by step instructions on how.  My team and I have engaged Nadine throughout the years to assist us with critical matters.  I am happy to endorse her book, and I recommend it highly." 

- Bimal Patel, CEO and President of Epic Care


"As leaders are called to solve more complex issues, faster, and with a leaner staff, I keep a lookout for leader stress and burnout in my colleagues.  Since they lean on me and my HR team for support, Dr. Nadine Greiner’s chapters on talent review, succession planning, and the organizational costs of stress were singing my tune.  This is a pivotal book at a pivotal moment in time." 

- Cindy Johnson, Chief Human Resources Officer at Providence Healthcare Network


"I often say that I am stunned at how little we knew just yesterday.  The workforce is changing a high rail train speed, and keeping our employee experience positive and productive is key. Yet, due to societal, health, economic, family, work, and other reasons, our employees and leaders are often stressed.  This book helped me understand where I, and where my organization stands.  The tools here are well presented and are best in class.  I use them in my work.  Bravo to Nadine for an inspiring and practical book for leaders at all levels."

- Debbie Shotwell, Chief People Officer at Saba Software


"I have had the pleasure and benefit of working with Nadine on several occasions. I was not surprised to see that her book contains numerous helpful evaluations for the self-diagnosis and levels of stress and other challenges.  Nadine is an expert at identifying, quantifying, and fixing human problems and internal challenges. In my roles as an entrepreneur and a leader, I found the sections on leadership development, performance, and culture particularly helpful."

- Patrick Browning, Vice President & Medical Director, Specialty Services at Magellan Health


"This book offers accessible advice for those who are confronted with stress in their personal lives and at work.  Running a small business in San Francisco, I found Nadine’s tips on engaging employees and bringing out the best in the culture resonated with what my team and I are always striving for.  Thank you for a great book, Nadine."

- Kathleen Kennedy, Small Business Owner at Quality Eyecare


"Leading a workforce is part art, part science, and 100% self-leadership.  This book gives ample advice and real-life examples of how to do this in a reliable way. This is a powerful book for leaders at all levels."

- Maynard Jenkins, Vice President of Human Resources at Sutter Health


"I oversee a lot of money and millions of customer transactions.  Even with automation, it’s the people who run the show.  When people are stressed, things do not go well.  This is when Dr. Nadine Greiner’s book comes in.  She has created a book packed full of solutions for personal well-being to company performance.  Thank you, Nadine!"

- Karen Introcaso, CEO at Kaiperm Diablo Federal Credit Union


"The chapters on the physiological impacts of stress are very well laid out and cathartic.  This is a clear call to action, not only for the reader, but to society, in my opinion.  In my work, I see a lot of the negative results of stress.  In her book, Dr. Nadine Greiner tackles the important questions around what we can do to help others and to help ourselves. In applying this to the nurses and staff I lead, self-care and safety always come first. And that starts with me.  I had the honor of working with Dr. Nadine, which I recall with great fondness and gratitude.."

- Candy Canga-Picar, Chief Nursing Officer at St. Charles Health System

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