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Nadine's personal website

Dr. Nadine Greiner is a global Human Resources executive. This is Nadine's personal website, and in her spare time she writes about best practices in human resources, executive advice, and individual and organizational stress. 


Dr. Greiner cares deeply about advancing the HR profession, and has authored two books, The Art of Executive Coaching and Stress-less Leadership and maintains a regular blog. She is also a leading contributor for The Society For Human Resources Management, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Association of Talent Development.   


Dr. Greiner's personal mission is to make the executive experience exceptionally enjoyable and effective, and she believes that the world needs great leaders at their best.  ​


As an active animal advocate, she donates 100% of all book proceeds to animal welfare.  This personal website is her own, and does not reflect the opinions of her employers.

Enjoy Dr. Nadine's books, articles, and videos.

Dr Nadine, Executive Coaching San Francisco
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Dr. Nadine Greiner, Executive Coach San Francisco
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