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Views on Conflict

Updated: May 21, 2019

Most conflicts rise on how to reach the goal not on the goal itself. Therefore, unproductive conflict is preventable…with the right view, understanding, and collaboration skills.

What is your view on conflicts

Traditional View

  • Conflict in avoidable

  • Conflict is caused by management error in designing organizations or by trouble makers

  • Conflict disrupts the organization and prevents optimal performance

  • The ask of the management is to eliminate conflict

  • Optimal organizational performance the removal of conflict

Current View

  • Conflict in inevitable

  • Conflict arises from many causes, including organizational structure, unavoidable differences in goals, differences in perceptions and values of specialized personnel and so on

  • Conflict contributes and detracts from organizational performance in varying degrees

  • The task of the management is to to manage the level of conflict and its resolution for optimal organizational performance

  • Optiman organizational performance require a moderate level of conflict

How we want to reach our goal depends on our views on conflict. Do we have a traditional view or a current view on conflict? DThomas Kilmann Conflict Model

Understanding Understanding your own approach to conflict gives you a CHOICE about how to approach conflict. Smart and current companies invest in building skills in individual leaders and teams, ensuring that conflict serves as a prompt to change and innovation, not as a cultural dampener. Everyone uses all five conflict models at timesWe tend to use mainly one or two stylesOur preferred conflict style is dependent on:

  • How skilled we are in the use of a particular mode

  • The needs of the current situation

All the strategies are equally “good” when used in the right situationUndesirable situations develop when a conflict strategy is used too little or too much or does not match the situation

Creating Value:

Increasing the Size of the Pie

Collaboration skills

In conflict, we want to increase the size of the pie for all parties.

When companies take the time to develop insight and skills about conflict, not only does the company have a different “feel” to it, but productivity and innovation increase too. After all, most conflict stems from how to reach a goal not on the goal itself.


Dr. Nadine Greiner PhD, Executive Coaching San Francisco

Nadine Greiner, Ph.D. provides Executive Coaching and Human Resources solutions. Her mission is to make the executive experience exceptionally enjoyable and effective. She believes that the world needs great leaders, and has dedicated her career to helping them.

As an organization psychologist and former corporate CEO, Dr. Nadine understands the pressures and demands executives face. She offers her clients the high expertise that only comes with three decades of consulting success, and a dual Ph.D. in Organization Development and Clinical Psychology. Dr. Nadine is an in-demand speaker, teaches in doctoral programs, and coaches other consultants. She is the author of two books: ‘The Art of Executive Coaching: Secrets to Unlock Leadership Performance’, and of ‘Stress-less Leadership: How to Lead in Business and in Life’.

Contact Information: Feel free to email Dr. Nadine San Francisco Executive Coaching at or by phone at (415) 861-8383.


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