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Has Your Company Lost Its Customer Service Mojo?

Has Your Company Lost Its Customer Service Mojo?, article by Dr Nadine Greiner PhD

We’re living in the age of the customer. Whether you run a retail store, hotel, Airbnb, hospital, clinic, university, SPCA, restaurant, café, hair or nail salon… all companies want to create a better customer experience. Usually, it’s the simplest things that make the biggest difference. Here’s how to find your customer service mojo.

1. Is your customer experience engaging?

Think about the 5 senses. Are you using scent, touch, sight, smell, and sound to engage your customer? Take a trip to Trader Joe’s. The whole experience resembles a vacation, with cheerful employees sporting Hawaiian shirts. It’s a fun place to shop. Free food samples engage customers. Nautical bells ring in the background. When customers visit your website or store, how many of their senses are engaged?

2. Do you use storytelling to connect with customers?

Several times a year, Trader Joe’s releases its “Fearless Flyer”. It describes the history of certain products and is full of clever illustrations. The flyer brings products to life. Do customers know what your brand stands for? Do your products have a life of their own?

Has Your Company Lost Its Customer Service Mojo?, quote by Dr Nadine Greiner PhD

3. Do you get in front of customers?

Trader Joe’s employees stock items in broad daylight. This is by design. It allows them to spend more time in front of customers. Do you avoid customers or do you make a focus to get in front of them and learn from them? Customers want to feel appreciated.

These 3 things are simple to do – although I am not saying that they’re all easy to do. But, should you want to skimp, please keep this in mind: 33% of Americans say they'll consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor service. You’re a customer yourself, and I bet your sentiments as a customer are reflected in that stat.

The customer experience is everything. It’s time to get your Trader Joes mojo on. Your customers will notice, and your efforts will be rewarded.


I care deeply about helping leaders and advancing the human resources profession. I have authored two books, The Art of Executive Coaching and Stress-less Leadership, and maintain a regular blog. I am also a leading contributor for The Society For Human Resources Management, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Association of Talent Development.

As an active animal advocate, I donate 100% of all book proceeds to animal welfare.

The opinions in this article are my own, and do not reflect those of my publishers or employers.


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